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BirrituExpress is a USA based Money Remittance Company committed to serve the Ethiopian community residing in the Washington, DC metro area. Established in 2006, BirrituExpress was the first Ethiopian owned secure and reliable online remitance service provider until December 2008.  

Currently we are dully licensed and registered in the District of Colombia and provide a walk-in service to our target market, the Ethiopian corridor. We have over 350 payment locations throughout the Ethiopian territory using two prominent banks.   

With our state of the art remittance system and a well designed compliance program, we are committed to comply with all the state and federal regulations, U.S.A. Patriots Act, Bank Secrecy Act(BSA), AML/CFT and OFAC compliances. 

We pride ourselves to be a preferred Remittance service provider due to our reliability, secure, fast, and our affordable fees.  

Our objective is to provide unmatched remittance service to our customers in an ethical and professional manner while strictly abiding to the governing rules, regulations and laws of the countries we are serving from and to. We believe that the secret of our existence and growth lies within the respect we owe our customers, the rules that govern our business and the interest of our partners

  • Send money from the US.
  • Funds delivered as cash or a bank deposit to your loved ones in Ethiopia.   
  •   Low service fees.
  • Best exchange rates (no hidden cost).
  •   Funds securely handled by an FDIC insured bank in the US.
  • Delivery of funds approved and regulated by the National Bank of Ethiopia.
  • Conforms to all US and Ethiopian regulations and laws.
  • No service fees payable by the beneficiary.

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